Gadjian is the best cloud-based payroll (HR & payroll software) application in Indonesia. Gadjian assists the company’s operations in managing employees as well as calculating and administering salaries, permits, sickness, leave, BPJS, PPh 21 (including multi-NPWP) and shift arrangements.

Through GadjianKu’s mobile apps, employees can submit applications for leave, permit, sickness and data changes. Likewise with salary slips and team members can be seen very easily and informative.

In 2019, VBS TECHNOLOGY has been officially registered as a ZOHO Partner. We are here to delivers a comprehensive suite of Zoho Business Solutions that can help you to run your business efficiently to achieve maximum results by minimizing costs.
While you continue to focus on growing your business, we help you take care of your important but non-core business support functions so that you can focus on the core revenue-generating parts of your business.


Custom Software for Business.

Today’s technology-world changes always and the huge volume of information readily available develops at a steadily expanding rate. While software devices running help companies juggle huge measures of information, usually teams are limited by what their data tools can deliver.





Software Development Outsource.

Our software consultant’s team primarily focus on custom application building and improvement services. On the other hand, we also provide a team of consultants to do system development and software outsourcing.